what did you ride in the80s

What an embarassing photo
To get this page underway i will start with what i had...I started with the (not) so classic GUTSY ONE what an icon...not...then progressed onto a chrome and red PANTHA STUD..classic it was about that time i startd to race the two classes so purchased a PANTHA ASSASAIN..cruiser blue and blue(only colours available) i think ,,then i got serious and had my favourite the chrome and blue KUWAHARA kz7 i think it was..eventually got a job learned how to drink beer chase girls and drive a car,,had great times and met some good people ( the 80s were fun) never acheived any great titles but did get nz32 at the finals in nelson wayyyyy back in 1983...hope i can do better this time around..have a 04 SPECIALIZED cruiser with a one piece frame ..and look forward to reliving my youth in my 40 yr old body...

WHAT I RODE - RMC ok 80-90's


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