Round 7 & Final - Sunset Coast

Round 7 & the Series final were held on Sunday 7th March at the Sunset Coast “Pre-Nats” race meeting. We had 26 riders turn up this time including 3 “newbies” so we have had an impressive total of 51 different riders take part in this season’s series.

I would like to thank the Sunset Coast club for running this round and thanks to Kevin Lindsay & Heath Long Builders for stepping in to sponsor this round. This series is reliant on generous sponsors putting up the purse each round so I would like to thank again all the sponsors we have had this season. Of course the final wouldn’t have been possible without a generous series sponsor so a big thanks to Redline NZ for putting up the purse for this. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Norm McCann for all the hard work he has put in this season to help keep the series running. From delivering the points sheets after each moto to squeezing in last minute entries so that we can have semi-finals, you have helped keep the series running smoothly and this has made my job a lot easier so thanks again.

As Queen B made the step up to the main this time this left the door open for someone else to win the consolation final so congratulations to Paul McGarva on taking this out at his first SuperCruiser round.
The day final was another hot lap as usual and congratulations to Mooney for finally taking out a final, hope it was worth the wait. So after 7 rounds we have had 3 different finals winners which is great to see.
Going in to the series final 1st ,2nd ,5th & 6th places were safe. So this left a battle for 3rd & 4th (3 point gap) and 7th & 8th (equal on points). This final capped off the series well with close racing right to the finish line. As you will see below 3rd & 4th finished on equal points and had to be separated by countback with RMC’s win in the final the decider.
Congratulations to Paul Luttrell for taking out this year’s series. Moon finished only 14 points short of the maximum available for 28 moto’s and the final so this is a pretty awesome effort and shows that consistency is what it’s all about. Congratulations also to the other 2 podium finishers with Craig Hutchinson in 2nd & Richie McLachlan in 3rd.
Congratulations to the JAFA’s for taking out the teams trophy. The number of Orange jerseys in the final at each round showed that their pre season recruiting worked well and they were a force to be reckoned with.

Well that’s the series for another season. Thankyou to all the riders who have taken part and made it the spectacle that it is. We definitely get a lot of positive comments about the level of racing and I’m sure it helps all of our riding in the end. Here’s to an even better series next year. Good luck to all those who are riding the Nationals in 4 weeks time (yes it is that close) and I’ll see ya there.


Consolation finalConsolation final
Consolation Final - 1st straightconsolation final - 1st corner
Consolation final - 3rd straightConsolation final - last straight
Round 7 FinalRound 7 Final
Round 7 FinalRound 7 Final - 1st corner
Round 7 FinalRound 7 Final - 3rd straight
Round 7 Final - last corner
Series finalSeries final
Series final - 1st cornerSeries final - 2nd straight
Series final - 3rd straightSeries final - last corner

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