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REDLINE MXIII 700 - 81-82

Owner : 'Redliner'

Built as close as possible spec. to my healing redline from back in the day.
When I rode it down the driveway for the fist time, it felt exactly as I remember my old one 25 years ago.
Funny how some memories never fade.

Frame & Forks: Re-chromed redline MX111 700.
Stickers: repros from BMX stop
Bars: redline v bars - original re-chromed
Rims: & Hubs: ukai rims , suntor hubs - original re-built & cleaned up.

Cranks: Maxy Cross (original de-anodized & polished)
Chain ring: Shungo 44th (NOS)
pedals: mks BM-15s (NOS)
Seat: Elina - redline (original)
Seat post: Redline chrome fluted (original)
Seat Clamp: Sutour (original)
Stem: Redline 'brute' (original de-anodized polished)
Brakes: Shimano Tourney caliper
Grips: Ame tri (NOS)

Updated /Added:

Tires: Red Cheng Shin comp III copies (NOS)
Brake Lever: Diacomp Tech 2 lever (NOS)
Frame Pad: OG re-domed - thanks Dave Kidd (oldschoolbmx - site creator)

'Redliner's' MXIII 700
Redline - BACK  IN  THE DAY  BMX

Me (redliner) on my healing redline summer 1982
Redline - BACK  IN  THE DAY  BMX


NZ made by Healing
OWNER: AndyDiamond

Healing made Redline MXIIIs under license from Redline USA in NZ.
The import duty on imported bikes was very high at the time so this was a way around it.
Check the 'catalouges and flyers' section on this site to see a brochure with the Redline in it.
Healing offered one model only - the full spec MXIII 700.
This was inentical to the US model of the same name.
(The MXIII 600 model in the US had a one piece crank and some lesser parts).
However, while the US model was offered in different colours the NZ version was offered in chrome with red components only.
It was a very popular seller in NZ and sold above the Supermax price point as Healing's top-of-the-line BMX bike.

This is a 'side project' for me.
Steve88 came across this NZ made Healing Redline frame and fork
It was in pretty bad condition.
I didn't want to spend any $$ on re-chroming so I had the frame and fork powdered white for $80.
Of course NZ made Redlines never came in white but the US ones did (as well as blue, red and black).
I manage to keep the 'NZ-made by Healing' sticker that goes on the seat tube near the BB.
The other parts (mostly NOS) I picked out to be similar to a Redline spec with some tweaks.
However, this was a 'budget build'.

Frame and fork: 1982 Redline MX III 700 (originally chrome, repowdered white) with reproduction decals
Bars: Redline V-Bars
: Oakley .5
Stem: SunTour Power Stem (I put the original Redline Brute stem on my GHP)
: Tange MX2 Chrome with SunTour Head Lock
: Sugino Super Maxy 170mm
: Sugino
Chainring bolts
: Sugino,
BB spindle
: Tange, loose ball, unsealed
: MKS BM-10
Rims: Ukai Box
Hubs: SunTour low flange, loose ball
Spokes: Asahi Stainless
Nipples: Ashai
: Izumi Chrome
: SunTour Cro-Mo 16T
Tyres: Cheng Shin Comp III copies 2x1.25 front, & 1.75 rear
Brake caliper: DiaCompe MX900 Red
Brake Cable: DiaCompe
Brake pads: Copy Skyway Pro Tuff Pads by Healing
Lever:  Dia-Compe pre-bent
Seat clamp: SunTour
Seat: Kashimax Aero
Seatpost:  Redline, cro-mo
Pads: Redline vinyl snap pads(originals)
Plate: Haro Series One
Misc: Alloy valve caps

NZ Redline Frame
NZ Redline Frame Decal
NZ Redline Frame Repainted
NZ Redline Built

NZ Redline Built 2NZ Redline Built 3

Redline - BACK  IN  THE DAY  BMX
Redline - BACK  IN  THE DAY  BMX
Bullybiker - 2 x Redline MXIII 700's

Seriously - who didn't want one of these as a kid? Both are Healing models. The bike with the black grips is
currently my daily rider and I'm really enjoying it!

Redline 600A Series Three. (Redgoose)

Redgoose- Redline MX111 700 1984
Standard " bowl " haircut!!!! At least the bike looks good. Wish I still had that amount of hair now!

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