Nelson Brothers Racing

In 1981 Scott and Boyd Nelson of Cambridge N.Z aged 8yr and 6yr received from there Parents a shiney new gold Healing Supermax BMX bike each for Christmas.

Three months later the boys started riding at club events at the newly formed Cambridge BMX club

For the next Year they rode those Supermax bikes everywhere

In 1982 after being told to" stop telling us what to do" and "If you think you can do better buy a bike" father Errol joined the fun on a 26" Quicksilver

In 1983 Uncle Max Nelson a mechanical tutor thought it a good idea to build some light wieght bikes. 4130 cromolly tubeing was sorced from PAC in hamilton and together with Robin Hutchins of cambridge two small bikes were created for two over eager youngsters! What to call them... The Hutch name was allready taken as was MAX the next best thing was to combine the two names and MATCH was born.


In 1983 aboard there new Match bikes the family travelled to there first national champs at Nelson. Scott and Boyd both winning the number 11 plate. Errol managed to get past the quarter finals but got knocked out in the semis.Boyd won a fastest lap trophy for his class.

In 1984 the first North Island champs were held at North Shore raceway the Nelsons got a hat trick with all three wining there classes.

1984 Nationals Were in Wanganui Scott and Jamie Clutterbuck from JDC tangled going for the title leaveing the door open for Paul Picken.Boyd fought hard against Cale Stevenson Hastings but had to settle for second

1984 was also the year of the Trans Tasman series at Western lesureland track. Boyd won Scott third and Errol second.

1985 nationals in Christchurch. Scott Dominated winning eight from nine races to win his first title. Boyd finished 6th and Errol 3rd.

1985 world champs Whistler Canada
Scott made the semis but missed out Boyd crashed out in the semis
Errol made the final and dominated it! Did not drop a race all weekend!


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