2 Taupo

Super Cruiser Series Round 2

Round 2 was held on Sunday 16th Nov at the Taupo meeting. We had 18 riders which meant we had enough to have a consolation final (a new addition this year). Of this group we had 5 Supercruiser Virgins which was really good to see with one of them topping the table after the 4 moto’s. I would like to thank the Taupo club for hosting this round and the sponsors “Sika Logging”, “Troweltrade” & “Plaster System” for putting up a great size purse which made it a profitable day for the 8 who made the final (and of course the winner of the consolation final who got his entry fee back).
Congratulations to the 3 who made up the podium, Ritchie McLachlan 1st, Steve Schimanski 2nd & Boyd Nelson 3rd. That makes 2 from 2 for Ritchie, who will be the first to stop his run ??
Check out the points table below for standings and remember, those of you who missed this round will have to get pedalling to catch up. We have already had 23 different riders take part so competition for the top 8 at the end of the series is going to be hot. Also remember the new rule this season, 17 or more riders and we will have a consolation final with $20 going to the winner !!!!

Ritchie McLachlan (EC) - 62
Craig Hutchinson (EC) - 58
Darryl Windsor (RO) - 53
Kevin Derby (TKT) - 52
Gaine Dalbeth (HN) - 50
Neil Patterson (HN) - 35
Warren Boggiss (HN) - 34
Steve Schimanski (HAW) - 31
Boyd Nelson (CB) - 26
Kevin Inia Brown (EC) - 26
Malcolm McOnie (CB) - 24
Haedyn Borck (RO) - 23
Brian Ellis (CB) - 21
Bryan Joyce (EC) - 21
Laurie Penny (HN) - 21
Steve Amrein (TPO) - 20
Brendan Vincent (NH) - 18
Alfred Salgado (GS) - 18
Dougal Watts (GS) - 15
Karl Turner (EC) - 15
David Simmonds (HN) - 13
Kevin Cattley (CB) - 12
Glenn Hill (TKT) - 12

We have a quick turn around with Round 3 being this Saturday at Cambridge so stay sharp and get ready for more action.

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