1 East City

Super Cruiser Series Round 1

Round 1 was held on Sunday 19th Oct at the East City Hoody meeting. We had 12 riders which was quite good considering the Norths are only a week away plus a regular rider missing due to an early season crash which could put him out of action for a while (bad luck Mooney !). It was also good to see a couple of old schoolers on the sideline checking out the action, I don’t think it will be long before we see them lining up on the gate with us. The alterations to the track proved to be a challenge with most being “hesitant” down the 1st straight and keeping Gisborne in the back of their minds. I would like to thank the East City club for hosting this round and putting on some excellent weather to start the series off.
Congratulations to the 3 who made up the podium, Ritchie McLachlan 1st, Craig Hutchinson 2nd and Gaine Dalbeth 3rd. We were fortunate to have an experienced man on the camera for this round so keep an eye on the site with all the info www.backinthedaybmx.wikifoundry.com for action shots.
Check out the points table below for standings and remember, those of you who missed this round will have to get pedalling to catch up. Also remember the new rule this season, 17 or more riders and we will have a consolation final with $20 going to the winner !!!!

Ritchie McLachlan (EC) - 32
Craig Hutchinson (EC) - 29
Darryl Windsor (RO) - 26
Kevin Derby (TKT) - 26
Kevin Inia Brown (EC) - 26
Gaine Dalbeth (HN) - 24
Bryan Joyce (EC) - 21
Laurie Penny (HN) - 21
Warren Boggiss (HN) - 17
Karl Turner (EC) - 15
Neil Patterson (HN) - 15
Glenn Hill (TKT) - 12